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COVID-19 testing is available daily

walk-in or reserve your time online.

Based on information on the CDC website, a person who has recovered from COVID-19 may continue to have a positive test result for several weeks, even though they are not spreading COVID-19.  

Image by Mika Baumeister

COVID-19 Molecular PCR Test

Precision Immediate Care offers COVID-19 Molecular PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test.

Click Here for our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Rapid COVID-19 Testing Available for All Patients

  • All patients with COVID-19 symptoms

  • All healthcare workers, first responders, and essential workers

  • Patients with exposures to COVID-19 (close contact with someone who has COVID-19)

  • Exposed patients that live with a family member that is deemed at risk

  • Students that require a test to return back to school

  • Return to work

  • Patients requiring a rapid PCR Covid test for travel purposes

  • Any other individual need

If you have any questions or concerns? Contact our COVID-19 Support Team

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